Floola 5.1.1

Floola-logoFloola 5.1.1 per Mandriva Linux 2008.1, 2009.0 e 2009.1

È una applicazione stand-alone che può essere eseguita direttamente dal vostro iPod e non necessita di alcuna installazione.



 L'ultima versione del programma freeware per gestire efficacemente il vostro iPod o cellulare Motorola (qualsiasi modello che supporti iTunes).

Ora con supporto per foto e nano 4G.

now supports Google Calendars!


È una applicazione stand-alone che può essere eseguita direttamente dal vostro iPod e non necessita di alcuna installazione.

About this version:

Floola 5.1.1 released

This version features significant usability performance improvements and many bug fixes.


Sito web: http://www.floola.com/modules/wiwimod/









Cross plattform
Works on any Windows (98 and above), any Mac and any linux distribution with GTK installed.

Put the application on iPod and launch it on any PC, immediately.

add and extract songs to and from iPod.

Easily manage, import and export (m3u, pls) playlists.

Join the social music revolution.

Join the social music revolution.

Web videos
add files to iPod just copying the page url

Available in different languages.

Lyric support even on older iPods (3G and above).

Search for duplicates
Easily find duplicated songs on iPod.

Search lost files
Easily find songs lost in your iPod.

Add artwork to your songs easily.

Videos can be added to iPod.

Convert audio and video incompatible formats

Export to HTML
Create HTML files containing list of your iPod files

Fix iPod
Did a software mess up your iPod? Fix it!

Manage notes.

Growl support
(Mac version only) Get beautiful system notifications.

Snarl support
(Windows version only) Get beautiful system notifications.

Play iPod's music.

Freedom to simply add photos to iPod.


Latest changes:


# Version 5.1 released,

recent changes: cosmetic improvements

# added chapter support in audiobooks
# improved artwork duplicate detection when adding compilations
# items with embedded lyrics are added quicker
# fixed some sorting issues
# improved titlebar update under mac
# improved song position slider
# better compatibility with ffmpeg under linux
# dup search detects equal length tracks
# fixed issues exporting to playlist
# issue on quit
# executable integrity check
# warnings when adding videos to a non video capable iPod
# language couldn't be changed easily under linux
# iTunes 8.1.1 compatibility
# greatly improved startup speed
# rename iPod name
# faster delete
# freeze on quit issue
# improved podcast decode
# improved transcode functionality
# improved destination filenames when looking for orphan files
# mac ffmpeg build updated to SVN-r18709 (with swscale)
# win ffmpeg build updated to SVN-r18681 (with swscale)
# tvout photo option write wasn't honored
# FLAC and OGG tag support
# improved photo support on nano 4G
# fixed issue with hidden columns reappearing on startup
# updated dutch translation
# fix some crash under linux when quickly browsing playlists
# fixed some issue when transcoding files







Floola 5.1.1 - Porting Status
Mandriva Architettura
x86_64 i686 noarch
2009.0 No No No
2009.0 No No No
2008.1 No Si No


Porting di grissino.

Preparati da grissino e ...