Converter 3.6


Converter 3.6 per Mandriva Linux 2009.1, 2008.1


Un completo servicemenu per conversione immagini.






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Questo service menu fa apparire tre sottomenu

- Conversione immagini
- Elaborazione immagini
- Conversione batch (con click destro su una cartella)

per abilitare la conversione in 34 formati.
Permette di convertire contemporaneamente tutte le immagini che sono in una directory. 

These three desktop-files enable image and batch conversion into 34 fileformats.
Files or folders can be converted at the same time if you select them
in the context menu of konqueror. Files will be renamed by input or automatically
if overwriting is expected (suffix). There are servicemenu files for KDE 3.5 and 4


- Images can be converted into 34 file formats like pdf, tiff, jpeg, png, bmp and others
like ps (Postscript), psd (Adobe Photoshop) and ico (Windows Icon) when you select the
option "Convert into other file formats". Tiff-, jpeg- and pdf-conversion offer several
- If you like to change the name of your converted image or want to save it in another
directory you can use the option "Convert and rename". Please notice that you have to
enter the new extension too.
- Multipage-TIFF files can be converted in Multipage-PDF and vice versa. You have to
set the dpi-resolution and the name for the new file (with extension).
- Single images can be added to multipage files (tiff,pdf).
- Multipage files can be extracted in their own format or by selecting one of the 34 file formats.
The dpi-resolution and the name for the new file (with extension) have to be fixed.
- A selected page from a multipagefile can be extracted and converted.
- Bitonal-, greyscale-, color-, GIF, RGB- and HSL-conversion are also possible.
- Images with alpha channel like PNG and GIF can be converted by choosing a background color.
- They can be resized and rotated by choosing default or customized (user-defined)
values (also many images at the same time). Regard that image rotations often are not lossless
(exept for 90,180 or 270 degrees).
- Also JPEG lossless transformation with several options is possible.
- Also a full screen view is available.
- Properties option and tag information for tiff files (nconvert 5.0, tiffdump and tiffinfo required).
- Remove metadata completely or only comment, EXIF, XMP, EXIF thumbnail, ICC profle or IPTC.


- You can make a negative of your image, decrease the number of its colors and make it look
overexposed (solarization). Histogram equalization, contrast stretching (normalization)
and a logarithmic correction can be also applied.
- With the option "sepia effect" images look like early, faded photographs. You can define
the levels of sepia tone by entering a number between 1 and 100.
- Brightness and contrast can be modified. Also gamma correction is possible.
- Edge detection in the three different levels light,medium and heavy can be applied to the images.
- Several effects like slicing, shear, swirl, oil, lens and wave transform your image if the
required values are entered in the appearing dialogbox.
- The options "emboss" and "embossmore" transform your images to a relief with two nuances.
- Watermark positioning with choosing its transparency.
- You can select a section of an image by using the cropping canvas option. Cropping is often
needed when image rotation was not lossless.
- With the canvas option you can build picture frames.
- "Gaussian blur" with 6 filter sizes.
- Deinterlacing is possible by using duplication or interpolation (even or odd fields).
- Some filter enhancements were incorporated: detail, edges, focus and focus restoration.
- Noise reduction was added.
- Quality option to reduce filesize of jpeg and png images (e.g. for attachments in emails).
- Raw conversion with dcraw: brightness, whitebalance, change file date to camera timestamp,
raw image info and extract thumbnail.
- ICC conversion by selecting an icc file for single images and in batchmode


- Allows you to open folders in the "Gwenview"-Browser.
- Batchconversion into tiff, jpeg (baseline), png, bmp, pdf and 28 other fileformats is possible.
- Rotation, resizing, bitonal/greyscale/RBG conversion,sepia/negative effect and posterization.
- Remove metadata completely or only comment, EXIF, XMP, EXIF thumbnail, ICC profle or IPTC.
- ICC conversion by selecting an icc file for single images and in batchmode


















Porting: Dago68