Image Commander 1.3


Image Commander is a simple application for bulk picture processing.



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Image Commander
è un ottimo software per gestire più immagini contemporaneamente con l’aggiunta di vari tool.
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Io utilizzo Mandriva 2009 Free Kde (”normale” con kde 4.1.3 ) e poi 2009 Free Gnome,
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It’s appearance is very similar to a standard two-panel file manager.
Users can perform a various set of operations on the chosen images.
Settings applied to every image can be saved for future use/reference.
The application allows a preview of a modified image on every stage of processing.
When the required modifications for all files are set the user can execute a batch process by pressing F5 key.

New dialog was added - user has capability of spying progress of processing of image.
Capability of interrupt of processing exists presently.
This dialog additionally enable users to change names of processed images.
It is possible to use tags in this purpose: % f original name of image will be inserted into tag, and %xd, where d is number (increased for each next image), and x is width of numbered field (e.g. %5d ).
If number is shorter than assigned field, the left side is fulfilled by zeros.
User can define numbering of photos from specific number.
Several corrections has been made to speed up the program.
Flags has been changed in file of project for better fitting him to ImageMagick.







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