Apitrace 3.0

APITrace 3.0 for Rosa 2012.1, x86_64 and i586.

APITrace is a versatile open-source utility for tracing OpenGL calls from games and other programs.


It was developed as a way to help graphics driver developers debug the graphics stack, but could be useful also for advanced users trying to find what is going wrong with the graphics of their favourite game. This free software program allows for easy OpenGL API tracing regardless of driver: under Linux it supports tracing and playing back traces for GL, EGL, OpenGL ES 1.0 and OpenGL ES 2.0 calls. There is also a nice Qt-based GUI to ease the program use, but now the new apitrace command is meant to simplify using the program for tracing and re-traces from the command-line.

The release 3.0 of APITrace provides a new top-level "apitrace" command and adds the ability to trim traces: trimming traces is useful for debugging driver issues by being able to trim a trace specifically to the faulty API calls, rather than needing to store the entire trace, which could easily reach the gigabytes in size.


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