Kwooty 0.9.0


Kwooty 0.9.0 for Mandriva Linux 2010.3

Kwooty is a a KDE-based nzb usenet binary downloader.
Kwooty handles automatic file repairing archive extraction, multi-server support, smart par2 download, shutdown scheduler and more...




The binaries are built against KDE 4.8.4 (ie the release installed in the MIB-made Mandriva "2010.3"; for using kwooty with previous KDE versions, please grab the srpm file and rebuild it against your KDE.


kwooty display

Kwooy  features:

  • Automatic file verification/repairing
  • Automatic archive extraction (Rar, Zip and 7z, split archive formats supported)
  • Multi-server support
  • Automatic download retry in case of failure
  • Built-in YEnc and UUEncode file decoders
  • Bandwidth throttle and scheduler
  • Favorite transfer folder for each type of downloaded contents
  • Watch Folder
  • File queue and priority management
  • System shutdown scheduler
  • Save/Restore pending downloads when application is closed/open.
  • Built-in SSL connection support
  • Pause/Resume downloads
  • Suspends downloads if disk is full
  • Display of Remaining Time or Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Display of available free disk space
  • Automatic connection to host at start-up
  • Automatic file downloading after openning Nzb file


Changelog (from release 0.8.4):

- New plugin: "Categories". This plugin allows to transfer downloaded contents to favorites folders defined in the plugin settings.
- Scheduler plugin: bypass feature added. Scheduler can now be bypassed for items manually set on "Start" or "Pause" or both (to be configured in Scheduler settings).
- Scheduler plugin: new nzb items can now automatically be set on Pause when appended (feature is enabled if "Always limit download speed" is checked).
- Scheduler plugin: better download/pause behavior.
- New option "Display tiny file names" in "Display Mode" settings.
- Better distinction of par2 files: to improve readability, name of par2 files is displayed in gray.
- The mean download speed of each server has been added nearby its current download speed in the server statistics panel (feature request).
- Bug fix: maximized setting about server statistics panel was sometimes not correctly restored between kwooty's sessions.

MIB Forum topic:

Porting: GvM
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