Gelide 0.1.5

gelide-logoGelide 0.1.5 for Mandriva Linux 2010.2 & 2011

Gelide first package for Mandriva

Gelide is a configurable frontend which let you manage any kind of emulated system (PC, console, arcade, etc) letting you to catalog and launch any game from any existing emulator under GNU/Linux.

With Gelide,you can configure any emulator with command line parameters support, without the need of remember them every now and then.

About Gelide:

Gelide is a multi-system and multi-emulator frontend designed based on simplicity and flexibility.
The project's main objective is to provide a simple interface through which you can make a complete management of your games and all these great emulators that are available on GNU/Linux.


  • Simple gui, intuitive and fully configurable.
  • Supports any kind of system (platform).
  • Allows configuration of any emulator that supports command line parameters.
  • For each system can be configured any number of emulators.
  • Supports the integration of data from DAT files.
  • Supports DAT files in this formats: ClrMamePro, MAME XML y Logiqx XML.
  • Checks and simple comparison of games against dat files.
  • Includes preview of games images (Snapshot, Title, Front, Back and Cartridge).
  • Support CRC named or name named games images (no-intro screenshot).
  • Can export and import systems configurations (including configurations of their emulators).
  • Manage systems, emulators and games through simple menus.
  • Includes a filter panel for the games list.
  • Supports games filtering by name.
  • Full screen mode.









Porting: Tobal, Pulfer
Build: Tobal, Pulfer


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