KDbg 2.5.0

kdbgKDbg 2.5.0 for Mandriva 2010.2, KDE 4.5.x.

At least there is a release of KDbg, the graphical user interface to gdb, the GNU debugger, for KDE 4 / Qt 4.



KDbg provides an intuitive interface for setting breakpoints, inspecting variables, and stepping through code. It requires KDE (4.5.x), but you can of course debug any program with it.



  • Inspection of variable values in a tree structure.
  • Direct member: For certain compound data types the most important member values are displayed next to the variable name, so that it is not necessary to expand the subtree of that variable in order to see the member value. For example, you don't need to go into a variable of type QString if you want to see the string that the variable holds. (BTW, this is of course not hardcoded, but can be extended to new types.) KDbg can even display Qt's QString values, which are Unicode strings.
  • Debugger at your finger tips: The basic debugger functions (step, next, run, finish, until, set/clear/enable/disable breakpoint) are bound to function keys F5 through F10. Quick and easy.
  • Of course, lots of other basic functions: View source code, search text, set program arguments and environment variables, display arbitrary expressions. Everything you need to debug a program, eh!
  • Debugging of core dumps, attaching to running processes is possible.
  • Conditional breakpoints.



  • This release is based on KDE 4 and Qt 4.
  • A number of icons were exchanged with Oxygen icons. These are not part of KDbg's source code.
  • Session state per debugged program is now stored in a section in $KDEHOME rather than in a .kdbgrc file in the program's directory. This allows to debug programs that are located in unwritable directories. But this also means that earlier session information is disregarded.
  • More accurate parsing of GDB responses of various commands fixed bugs in certain areas, in particular, temporary breakpoints, register values, truncated struct values, disassembly (again).
  • "View Code" from the breakpoint list can open the source code in more cases.


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