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Mandriva LXDE 2011 released

Written by rugyada Wednesday, 31 August 2011 09:37

Mandriva LXDE 2011First CD of community edition Mandriva LXDE 2011 has been released.






Mandriva 2011 - Some stats

Written by rugyada Wednesday, 31 August 2011 00:30

Mandriva/ROSA logo

For statistic lovers, from Denis' Blog here are some numbers and info concerning Mandriva/ROSA Desktop 2011 release.
Very interesting reading.

Mandriva Desktop 2011 in round figures


Mandriva 2011 MIB ISOs ready for download

Written by rugyada Sunday, 28 August 2011 22:11

Mandriva ROSA 2011 MIB International for Mandriva


Mandriva 2011 unofficial MIB ISOs ready for download.


Great cooperation between Mandriva / RosaLab and MIB Mandriva International Backports for this newborn 2011 edition!


Mandriva 2011 is out!

Written by rugyada Sunday, 28 August 2011 10:47

Mandriva/ROSA logo

Mandriva / ROSA Desktop 2011 is out!

More Info in MIB Forum


Check your preferred mirror, some example:



Release notes:


Mandriva 2011.0 Tour:


Let's welcome our brand new jewel.

Let's give a special thanks to NEW Mandriva Team & Management France, ROSA Laboratory Russia and Conectiva Brasil for the great job.

Mandriva ROSA Desktop 2011 released

Post Edit:
Mandriva 2011 “Hydrogen” announcement in Mandriva Blog



Hooray! As promised earlier, we are happy to announce that Mandriva 2011 is out. You can download ISO images from here.

When downloading an iso-image, perhaps you will want to read the Release Notes.

We prepared a small manual of how to upgrade to the new release for users of the Mandriva Desktop 2010.2.

If you have never tried Mandriva, take a look at the Mandriva 2011 Tour.


The announce in Mandriva Blog:
Mandriva 2011 “Hydrogen” is out!






KDE3 STUFF - mimicking Rosa KDE4 UI

Written by rugyada Saturday, 27 August 2011 07:15

kdelogo-officialKDE3 STUFF is a new MIB project for the incoming Mandriva 2011.0

MIB for Mandriva


Codename for Mandriva 2011 has been chosen!

Written by rugyada Saturday, 20 August 2011 07:12

Mandriva/ROSA logo

In Mandriva Blog:
Codename for 2011 has been chosen!
The official codename for Mandriva 2011 is “Hydrogen”

Here, also some "Hydrogen" backgrounds


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