Tribute to Mandrake

Written by rugyada Wednesday, 27 May 2015 09:58


OpenMandriva tribute to Mandriva/Mandrake, and announcing new upcoming 2014.2 update release.




Hi there
Good news everyone, a new version of OpenMandriva is ready to see the world in a few days, 2014.2 will soon be making its way to you. Listen out for details, features - and torrents!

OpenMandriva‘s history is well known. It was born at the tail of 2012 with the help of the community and Mandriva SA to continue the work on the distribution after Mandriva SA could not continue that.
We thank Mandriva SA for their support at the start and wish the remaining Mandriva employees well for the future.

The OpenMandriva Association was created to unite the distribution formally known as Mandriva (aka Mandrake); to bring it back to its roots through listening to peoples needs and getting closer to its users and developers. Since then we have been independent (though we  always welcome cooperative effort).  We are glad to say that we continue to do this and will be bringing you a new release of OpenMandriva Lx 3 (2015) in the near future that will include new features and an update of many of the core components.

Mandrake was the first distribution to make a free operating system available which could be installed and configured by anyone who could use a keyboard and a mouse. When many of us first came to the “linux” world, there were two types of distro, the ones that gave you headaches as soon as you put the CD in the slot, and then there was Mandrake. The vision of its founder Gael Duval created an operating system which undoubtedly allowed many, many people access to modern technology and in doing so added greatly to the strength of the free software community.

We do and will do our very best to continue to hold and carry their crown - for you.

Always here for you