OpenMandriva Fundraising Campaign


OpenMandriva crowdfunding campaign.
I am glad to inform you that OpenMandriva crowdfunding campaign is now live at the following address:

Free, easy and secure, advanced software for all!

For over two years we've created and supported a modern, free and easy to use OS without backdoors.

OpenMandriva is a non-profit association, a fully independent organization that manages, governs and develops its own Linux Distribution, it’s roots are in the Mandrake-Mandriva community. We have been developing this operating system for two years. Our contributors are all volunteers, who believe and invest in the world of free software which aims to produce software which is free of any backdoors (spyware). Our legal headquarters is in France, but our contributors and members come from  30 countries from all around the world.
We believe that operating system should be free for the user, adaptable to their needs, technically advanced but at the same time easy to use. We have already developed and supported the system, it is a real functional thing that you can install and use yourself right now, feel free to download OpenMandriva Lx 2014.1 from

If it is here, why are we running a campaign?  Our next release is scheduled for May 2015 and we need your help to support and further improve this high quality product.

Read more at page and at OpenMandriva Blog.


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Join the fun!
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