OpenMandriva Lx Beta has been released


OpenMandriva Lx 2013.0 first beta release is out!
The announcement at OpenMandriva Blog

After months of bug fixing and stabilizing the Alpha, we are happy to announce the availability of OpenMandriva Lx’s first ever Beta.

We’ve put a lot of work into stabilizing the package base and building a solid base for future versions. After this release, work on the new ideas we’ve been collecting can start - people interested in following the development may want to watch Cooker.

We extend our thanks to all users who rigorously tested the Alphas and reported bugs.

Lx has undergone many changes since Alpha, and this release fixes many major bugs reported during Alpha’s testing. Most of the boot issues have been ironed out, and Beta is now more USB boot-friendly.

Lx Beta comes with KDE 4.11, with a focus on a clean and unified desktop. This release comes with a set of four (!) launchers - Lancelot, KickOff, SimpleWelcome and Homerun - for you to try and give feedback. Eventually we’ll settle for just one, the winner based on your feedback.

Installation has also changed. DrakX installer is no longer available. The bundled installer no longer prompts for the removal of unused hardware and language packages.

Software highlights:

- Kernel 3.11.5
- KDE 4.11
- LibreOffice
- Firefox 24
- Thunderbird 17.0.9

For a detailed list of changes, upgrading instructions and errata, please check the release notes. Download the latest ISO and help us with the beta testing (the preferred download method is BitTorrent). You can make use of our forums and/or mailing lists for sharing thoughts, opinions, views, criticisms, praises and suggestions. Advanced users / testers may want to make use of our issue tracker site for reporting bugs

Try the OpenMandriva Lx Beta, open your faucet of thoughts and let the suggestions flow to us, because that’s what we value above everything. Happy testing!

Download Beta


Booting from USB

Use liveusb-creator from Fedora to create a bootable USB stick

There is a known problem booting the install image from USB devices on some hardware. This problem has already been identified and fixed – if you’re running into this, please replace the file initrd0.img in the syslinux directory with the version found at
This fix is currently available for x86_64 only – we will make a fix for the 32 bit iso available as soon as possible.


OpenMandriva Lx Beta

OpenMandriva Lx Beta

OpenMandriva Lx Beta

OpenMandriva Lx Beta

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Release notes:


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Issue tracker:



Have fun!
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