Mandriva 2011 MIB ISOs ready for download

Mandriva ROSA 2011 MIB International for Mandriva


Mandriva 2011 unofficial MIB ISOs ready for download.


Great cooperation between Mandriva / RosaLab and MIB Mandriva International Backports for this newborn 2011 edition!

ISOs images provided with kernel 3.0.3 by MIB ready for download:

From ROSA resources:


From MIB resources:


You'll find 3 different ISOs:


  • Mandriva.2011.MIB.x86_64.4.iso


  • Mandriva.2011.MIB.i586.4.iso
  • Mandriva.2011.MIB.PAE.i586.4.iso
    - PAE is for 32bit users neeeding to use more than 3Gb ram

Please note: These are unofficial distro, destined only for testing purposes.






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