KDE3 STUFF - mimicking Rosa KDE4 UI

Written by rugyada Saturday, 27 August 2011 07:15

kdelogo-officialKDE3 STUFF is a new MIB project for the incoming Mandriva 2011.0

MIB for Mandriva

It was started especially aiming to enhance and expand software abilities:

New linux distros cannot install and use anymore several important and useful programs formerly made for KDE3, and we thought this is a pity.

So we looked for the best way to make a software layer allowing use of kde3 apps within kde4.

We chose a different place for binary and for menu entries (Tools/KDE3/...)

When everything was ready we found kde3 apps look too much different from 2011 ambient, so we decided to make an extra effort in order to modify look and feel, mimicking Rosa KDE4 UI.

We started refining the colour schemes, then buttons and finally the icons.

Some elements are still different, like scrollbars, but being in the inner code of kde3, we preferred to leave them alone for now, because the colour scheme is very similar and it fit the theme.

You can now play with Amarok 1.4.10 (in our opinion a great piece of software) or KPackage (the best package manager we used) for example.


All files are in MIB /basic repository.

Have fun!







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