News and rumours about Mandriva after the 30 April GA


Here some News and some credible rumours inside knowledge/rumours directly from the "horse's mouth" that I am have the exclusive privilege to write about for the first. ;)


  • At the Mandriva General Assembly, a capital increase of €6M was approved and would arrive at Mandriva in ten days
  • Leonid Reiman, and on the direct question from other shareholders concerning his commitment in Mandriva and belief in free software, where he made it very clear that he had the absolute, most definite trust in Free Software and had great respect of and worked on building his understanding of, which for the same applied to Mandriva, in addtion to it's strengths, superiourity potential, history, internationality, making him without any doubt reaffirm his trust in and commitment to both.
  • Mandriva will not rebase itself on Mageia, nor join it's organization, although while we're very much willing to invite them and participate in an independent foundation on much of same premises, where they'd be allowed to continue their work without any forced influence by us, but being able to gain support and funding for us
  • Specifications for a Mandriva Linux 2012 release, new project leadership and a first alpha release is likely to be able to be released by the end of the month (unconfirmed yet, to be decided very soon).



For some more info about the general assembly itself, one should take a closer look at
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Bye, Nicco.

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