Rilasciato KDE 4.3.2


Rilasciato KDE 4.3.2 - 6 ottobre 2009.

A poco più di un mese dal rilascio del 4.3.1 è stata annunciata la disponibilità del 4.3.2




Home Page:

We could install Kde 4.3.2 just now, thanks to:
- Helio Chissini de Castro <helio at mandriva dot com > Mandriva KDE Team >KDE Project
- Nicolas Lécureuil <neoclust at> great Mandriva contrib team guy

Work in progress:
MIB has started its first tests to see if we can make a good port to 2009.1. Before we'll check the new QT 4.5.3 to test their backwards compatibility with earlier published programs, only if everything is good as we hope, we'll continue Porting, and we'll prepare a practical guide for the installation, entitled: Installing KDE 4.3.2 on Mandriva 2009.1 - 32/64bit

Lavori in corso:
Il MIB ha iniziato i primi test, per verificare se sarà possibile farne un buon porting per la 2009.1.
Prima si verificheranno le nuove QT 4.5.3 per testarne la loro retro compatibilità con i precedenti programmi pubblicati, se tutto sarà buono come speriamo, proseguiremo nel Porting, e prepareremo una guida pratica per l'installazione: Installare KDE 4.3.2 su Mandriva 2009.1 - 32/64bit

Text below taken from the official site
Il testo sotto proviene dal sito ufficiale

KDE 4.3.2 Stabilizes Free Desktop

KDE Community Ships Second Translation and Service Release of the 4.3 Free Desktop, Containing Numerous Bugfixes, Performance Improvements and Translation Updates

October 6th, 2009. Another month has passed since the release of KDE 4.3.0, so today the KDE Community announces the immediate availability of KDE 4.3.2, a bugfix, translation and maintenance update for the latest generation of the most advanced and powerful free desktop. KDE 4.3.2 is a monthly update to KDE 4.3. It ships with a desktop workspace and many cross-platform applications such as administration programs, network tools, educational applications, utilities, multimedia software, games, artwork, development tools and more. KDE's award-winning tools and applications are available in more than 50 languages.

KDE 4.3.2 brings a nice numer of bugfixes, some critical, some just fixing small annoyances:

    * Many crashers have been fixed in KDE's core libraries, bringing more stability to all applications
    * KWin's window compositing effects have been further stabilized by fixing a number of bugs in effect plugins such as the famous coverswitch window switcher
    * The biggest number of bugs for this release has been fixed in KMail, KDE's email client, making it more reliable and usable by correcting a number of display issues
    * Saving files over themselves works again in Okular, KDE's document viewer

As usual, the changelog provides more -- if not exhaustive -- information about improvements in KDE 4.3.2. The KDE team recommends KDE 4.3.2 for everyone running an earlier version of KDE.

KDE 4.3.0 Release Notes
The KDE 4.3 Desktop

Note that the changelog is usually incomplete, for a complete list of changes that went into KDE 4.3.2, you can browse the Subversion log. KDE 4.3.2 also ships a more complete set of translations for many of the 50+ supported languages.

To find out more about the KDE 4.3 desktop and applications, please refer to the KDE 4.3.0, KDE 4.2.0, KDE 4.1.0 and KDE 4.0.0 release notes. KDE 4.3.2 is a recommended update for everyone running KDE 4.3.1 or earlier versions.


KDE, including all its libraries and its applications, is available for free under Open Source licenses. KDE can be obtained in source and various binary formats from and can also be obtained on CD-ROM or with any of the major GNU/Linux and UNIX systems shipping today.

Installing KDE 4.3.2 Binary Packages

Packagers. Some Linux/UNIX OS vendors have kindly provided binary packages of KDE 4.3.2 for some versions of their distribution, and in other cases community volunteers have done so. Some of these binary packages are available for free download from KDE's Additional binary packages, as well as updates to the packages now available, may become available over the coming weeks.

Package Locations. For a current list of available binary packages of which the KDE Project has been informed, please visit the KDE 4.3.2 Info Page.
Compiling KDE 4.3.2

The complete source code for KDE 4.3.2 may be freely downloaded. Instructions on compiling and installing KDE 4.3.2 are available from the KDE KDE 4.3.2 Info Page.

Supporting KDE

KDE is a Free Software community that exists and grows only because of the help of many volunteers that donate their time and effort. KDE is always looking for new volunteers and contributions, whether it is help with coding, bug fixing or reporting, writing documentation, translations, promotion, money, etc. All contributions are gratefully appreciated and eagerly accepted. Please read through the Supporting KDE page for further information.

About KDE

KDE is an international technology team that creates free and open source software for desktop and portable computing. Among KDE's products are a modern desktop system for Linux and UNIX platforms, comprehensive office productivity and groupware suites and hundreds of software titles in many categories including Internet and web applications, multimedia, entertainment, educational, graphics and software development. KDE software is translated into more than 60 languages and is built with ease of use and modern accessibility principles in mind. KDE4's full-featured applications run natively on Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X.


Work in progress: The MIB has started its first tests to see if you can make a good port to 2009.1. Before you check the new QT 4.5.3 to test their backwards compatibility with earlier published programs, only if everything is good as we hope, continue Porting, and prepare a practical guide for the installation, entitled: Installing KDE 4.3.2 on Mandriva 2009.1 and 2009.0 - 32/64bit
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