Good bye Arvi Pingus

Written by rugyada Wednesday, 26 June 2013 18:18

Dear friends, let's say Good bye! to our friend Ron van Pomeren.  We know him as Arvi Pingus, from Dutch Community MCNL.
He deceased yesterday 25/06/2013.

I met him at Mandriva Assembly, he was the Dutch Community delegate, and had the opportunity for appreciate Ron, his kindness and his joyful behavior.

It's a painful loss. We all will miss him.

May Ron rest in peace.

Condolences to his family from MIB Team.


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Goodbye Sic

Written by rugyada Thursday, 27 October 2011 05:21


Cattolica, 20 gennaio 1987 – Sepang, 23 ottobre 2011



Ciao Marco


LinuxLive USB Creator

Written by rugyada Sunday, 23 October 2011 07:51


I found this free and open-source program and I want to share with you.

LinuxLive USB Creator creates portable, bootable and virtualized USB stick running Linux.


KDE 4.5.5 SC for Mandriva 2010.2

Written by NicCo Sunday, 09 January 2011 19:02

kdelogo-official KDE 4.5.5 SC for Mandriva 2010.1


Mageia Habemus logo [poll]

Written by rugyada Saturday, 11 December 2010 13:56

mageia logo

en18 Mageia, the exciting new fork of Mandriva, just chose what will be its logo.
What do you think about?

itMageia, il nuovo promettente fork di Mandriva, ha appena deciso quale sarà il suo logo.
Voi che cosa ne pensate?

Poll chez MIB Forum


KDE 4.5.4 SC for Mandriva 2010.1

Written by NicCo Sunday, 05 December 2010 11:44

kdelogo-official KDE 4.5.4 SC for Mandriva 2010.1






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