Mandriva 2011 Beta 1 released

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Mandriva 2011 Beta 1 released

Eugeni Dodonov announce Mandriva 2011 Beta 1 release.


Hi all,

despite being some days late due to unexpected problems, Mandriva 2011 beta1 should be available on your favorite mirrors soon. Among lots of package updates, it features KDE 4.6.1, visual theme updates, systemd 20, networkmanager, firefox 4.0.0rc1, bash 4.2, chromium browser versions which match google chrome, and TexLive 2011 integrated and used instead of tetex by default.

Besides packages updates, it also features plasma-applet-stackfolder application, developed by ROSA Labs, which will make part of new Mandriva 2011 UI. To see it in action, simple drag any folder from dolphin to KDE taskbar, and have fun :) .

The announce in Mandriva Blog:


Sergio Rafael Lemke in Mandriva Forum:

Mandriva 2011 beta1 was just announced.

If you want some additional info., and you surely want, we wrote some highlights on:

For who tested the Alphas, you certainly will see a lot of news this time, starting on the design, changes on some apps, the installer is now using QtCurve, a color scheme applied (seems buggy, but fix in progress), faster RPM than ever, translation and interface fixes on clementine and so on...

For the ones with some spare time, i think this version is for you to give a try, it gives an sample on what Mandriva 2011 will become.


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