Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring beta 1 available


Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring beta 1 available
Rilasciata Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring beta 1



Beta1 is available on public mirrors. For this third devel release you will find Free DVD isos, 32 and 64 bits, and One isos (both GNOME and KDE).

This release is including GNOME 2.30 (released on April 1st) and a preview edition of GNOME-Shell, which will be part of GNOME 3 (which is planned for release on september 2010). Of course, KDE 4.4.2 is also available, as well as various updates for many programs in the distribution.



More information on this Beta 1:


Disponibile per il download Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring beta 1.
Per questa release troveremo la iso Free DVD in 32 e 64 bit, e una iso One (sia GNOME che KDE)

Include GNOME 2.30 (uscito il 1 Aprile) and un'anteprima di GNOME-Shell, che sarà l'interfaccia di GNOME 3 (rilascio previsto per settembre 2010). Disponibile anche KDE 4.4.2, e diversi aggiornamenti per molti programmi.



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