The Paris meeting results: the Community is moving forward

Written by rugyada Tuesday, 19 June 2012 21:59


In Mandriva Blog Charles Schulz published a report about today's meeting.



Most of us are still sitting in the meeting room, but I think it’s important to let everybody know about the results of this fruitful meeting day in Paris.

We (see the list of participants below) have met in Paris for most of the day and we discussed the future of the Mandriva Linux distribution.

As explained in previous blogs, Mandriva SA wants to create a fully independent foundation that will sustain and develop the Linux distribution in the future. This will be a foundation hosting a Linux distribution project acting as a possible upstream for some corporate products and this distribution will be developed by the community at large, a few Mandriva and Rosa Lab developers as well. Of course, everyone is free and encouraged to join.

We want an inclusive, independent foundation that’s strong enough to sustain this project , is a meritocratic project that helps and encourage the constructive contribution of everyone. We want a transparent project that promotes software freedom and puts community processes first.

We have started to work on the essential building blocks of a foundation, such as the infrastructure resources, the governance, etc; we still have a lot of work to do, but we will start to discuss certain topics on mailing lists and forums. All in all, this has been a fantastic day. You, the community, are now in charge.

The following people attended the meeting:

  • P. Tischhauser
  • JM. Croset
  • Stéphane Laurière
  • G.Parakh
  • CH. Schulz
  • V. Rubanov
  • P. Orvynd Karlsen
  • B.Arundartchuk
  • W. Bornath
  • B. Rosenkränzer
  • M. Dawkins
  • A. Sironi
  • R. Jadot
  • P. Jarillon




The post in Mandriva Blog:
The Paris meeting results: the Community is moving forward