Mandriva 2012.0 roadmap


A roadmap for Mandriva Linux 2012 (assumed version name), the next major Mandriva release, has been published in Mandriva wiki


Specifications will be based on proposed features and Ideas

Contributions for those pages are welcome!


  •  A Technology Preview is planned for 31/05/2012. A first Alpha release should come in June.
  • Per Øyvind Karlsen (aka proyvind) will be acting as de-facto project leader for the course of Mandriva Linux 2012 development, with Bernhard Rosenkränzer (aka bero) & Matthew Dawkins (aka mdawkins) as release managers of.

It confirms what we told you in advance in News and rumours about Mandriva after the 30 April GA

blockquote1Specifications for a Mandriva Linux 2012 release, new project leadership and a first alpha release is likely to be able to be released by the end of the month (unconfirmed yet, to be decided very soon).blockquote2




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