Official Repository /restricted (ex PLF) for Mandriva 2011


Mandriva finally prepared the infrastructure to accommodate the new packages ex-PLF, now called /restricted, full updated and maintained.

The rpms are the same we had as preview and we put at your disposal right from the beginning of September.



Previous News:

The rpm packages, as stated above, are the same since they have been all fully taken thanks to a member of MIB, and now they're finally on Mandriva repo sync.

First mirror is on (http & ftp)

We had all global users downloading from MIB server and this was very heavy for our mirror health... even if we're equipped with a 1Gbs speed mirror, which diverted all traffic for /restricted rpms.

How to add official /restricted repository in Mandriva 2011:

Forum Topic for how-to and comments:

Don't use PLF mirrors from for 2011!
They are old, with abandoned and obsolete program versions...


Post Edit:
Restricted repository is available to public testing announcement in Mandriva Blog



We are glad to announce that a new repository ‘restricted’ is available for public testing!

Actually, most of the repository packages are forked from the PLF repository. If you want additional codecs, programs with “bad” licenses, etc, you should look at this repo.

You can easily add the repository from here.

Update: this is beta version, so please be patient on errors and mistakes.


The announce in Mandriva Blog:
Restricted repository is available to public testing







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