Here is Mandriva 2011 /restricted repo preview


MIB on preview presents the mdv /restricted repositories for Mandriva 2011, and I could also add "exclusive" ...

How add official /restricted repository in Mandriva 2011 (Temporary Solution)

Some ex PLF rpms, but all in the newest versions, are now in mdv /contrib, some in mdv /non-free all the others rpms will be placed in /restricted, but in the next few days...
MIB is hosting now, one week or two before mdv could, so users can enjoy since now a full Mandriva Desktop 2011 experience

This is and will be only a "time limited" hosting, waiting for mandriva & rosalab guys coming back from their vacations:
when they'll come back to work, they will prepare all the infrastructure to host /restricted repo and it's mirrors

Don't use PLF mirrors for 2011!
They are old, with obsoleted program versions, not good for RPM5, and contains many rpms that could serioulsly hurt Mandriva 2011.0.

Forum topic for how-to and comments:


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