Mandriva LXDE 2011 released

Mandriva LXDE 2011First CD of community edition Mandriva LXDE 2011 has been released.






You can read the announcement in Mandriva Forum from akdengi (Edumandriva) here:


- Pure Free and Pure LXDE
- 1CD. Really one CD.
- LibreOffice Writer and Calc, Firefox, Thunderbird, vlc and deadbeef.
- Kernel 3.0.3 with PATA IDE support. In last week update 3.0.4
- Oun repo by Edumandriva projects - kernel and fix progs by me.
- There is Free, but non-free and non-free Edumandirva in list. You may check it by drakrpm-edit-media --expert if want PLF codecs and skype (thanks Mageia for get-skype packets).
- urpmi and urpme not need type su before. Consolehelper magic there.
- Lightweight - you may try install it for 128 Mb, but i test only on 256 Mb.
- fixed some bugs from Mandriva 2011
- Can (i hope, but don't test) work script (it in Addon directory on ISO)

You may download it from project site:






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