Mandriva/ROSA repository planning (rumors)


Nothing official, but we believe this may be new Mandriva/ROSA repositories layout.

  • In 2011 edition no more need of PLF repos. Restricted repo will be created.

The packages previously from PLF are divided into 3 categories:

- Emulators and P2P programs, for example, were in PLF because people usually distribute pirated content via P2P and run pirated game ROMs with emulators.
Now these packages will be ported to Contrib and Non-Free.

- Some packages were in PLF because they are protected by software patents.
Like codecs. They cannot be ported to Main, Contrib and Non-Free because it will make impossible to distribute Mandriva in USA and countries that accept software patents.
So these packages will be ported to special Restricted repository. Not only codecs but all packages that are too non-free to be even in Non-Free repo :)

- Some useless packages (low quality, no more needed etc). They will not be ported anymore.

  • There will be different versions of installation ISOs

One will be like old Free. Without any software from Restricted repo.

Another will be more like old PowerPack, with software from Restricted repo. It will be just Free with all codecs and perhaps Flash, without any expensive software and it will cost nothing.

There is no official name for "Free" and "Powerpack" editions yet.

  • There will be not restrictions for Restricted repo.

Everyone will be able to easily enable it. By default, it will be disabled in "Free" MDV and enabled in "Powerpack" MDV.

  • Some mirrors will have Restricted repos mirrored, some will not.

Because some mirror admins are afraid to distribute "not clear in license" software.

Restricted repos have not yet been created, it's planned to do next week.


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