Mandriva 2011 RC2 ISOs released

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Mandriva 2011 RC2 isos have been released

Congrats to Mandriva staff for new features in Mandriva 2011, like rpm5, systemd, ...

Congrats to Rosalab staff for the new UI for KDE, very beautiful and easy to use for everyone.

Congrats to Conectiva staff for having focused in so many Educational apps.

But, unfortunately, a big issue still plagues the distro: a very old and buggy kernel 2.6.38, and not the newer 3.0.0.

The new stable kernel 3.0.0 should bring a lot of enhancements in many areas:
Energy saving, Wi-fi speed, Desktop responsiveness, and so on...

If not, still more than one month to its launch, it would be certainly a big shame...

Links for download:

32bit > md5sum: cac0b21f099edb314d6b22de49e8c1c8

64bit > md5sum: b504d55ab92a5b55ed0926b23ff31287




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