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WOWOWOWOW! New Mandriva finally takes care of Communities.

A recent entry in Mandriva forum, written by Viacheslav Kaloshin is addressed to users and communities asking about new build system:

"New build system. What you want?"



Hi all. As you know, release of Mandriva 2011 is coming. After that our developers continue to upgrade and polish mandriva build system. We receive many requests from community, that new build system must have new features. So, for example, new policy to add/upgrage packets, new functionality to create own "spins"/distributions or just for building existing package but with other defaults, etc.

So we have some questions:
- what you need from new build service? should it be like opensuse build server or enough simply utility like in fedora to create own iso "from scratch". Or may be something else?
- what service should be created first?

Give us your opinion and we make good service ;)



So, now we can see that this NEW Mandriva finally is open towards users and communities, taking in account of our request and wishes, and even asking for some advices about important stuff such as in this case the build system.

We, the MIB, and for sure also all other communities, appreciate very much this new attitude of NEW Mandriva leaders and we are very grateful to them.

We will closely follow new policy results, hoping it can profitably continue.

The post in Mandriva Forum:

The announce in Mandriva Blog:
We start collecting wishes for new build system



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