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Hi folks,

it took longer than we originally expected, but now the RC1 is out, and RC2 is our next victim.

As promised, the branching 2011 version from main cooker - which will continue onwards as a rolling release - will happen soon, probably this week.

With this, the packages, updates and commits which will go to 2011 branch will be focused on the 2011 version stabilization. So if you are in doubt if a commit, or a package update should enter 2011 at this point - it is up to your judgement to decide whether it should go to 2011 or only too cooker.

The freeze will happen somewhere around the RC2 release, at which point 2011 branch will contain what will be released.

So, I hope this makes everyone happy, allows us to work on 2011 release stabilization and improvement, and also will allow the ones willing to continue on the bleeding edge to use cooker as always.



Eugeni Dodonov


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