Mandriva 2011 rc1 released

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Mandriva 2011 rc1 released

Eugeni Dodonov announce Mandriva 2011 rc1 release.



Hi folks,

as told yesterday, Mandriva 2011 RC1 images were waiting just the final testing and retouches to become available. And now I am glad to tell you that they should be already available on your favorite mirror!

Please forgive us for the delay, but we believe that it would be better to take some additional hours (or, in this case, almost an entire day) to carry out the final tests, certify that everything works as good as we can polish it for a RC-release quality, and improve some things which we don’t like (such as some misplaced fonts, some low-res images, and some small issues with dkms pre-compiled drivers – yes, full UI integration is never easy). In return, I believe that we are giving you now a much more tested glimpse of what Mandriva 2011 will look like.

So, grab the iso from your favorite mirror, run it live, run it in virtual machines, install it, give it to your friends – and, most importantly, have fun!



The announce in Mandriva Blog:



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