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Do you want to become a new MIBber?

Would you like to make part of MIB Team?

Have you a little time to dedicate to MIB and to open source software in general?


We are looking for new members, someone strongly interested in building software for Mandriva.

We ask the brave ones for:

1. to study the compilation of the packages from these links:

2. to try in building at least 3 software of your choice, for example:




(you choose a title of your interest and which is not available in Mandriva)

3. to send us your packages in src.rpm format built for the following architectures and versions of Mandriva (of your own choice):

mandriva 2010.1 arch i586
mandriva 2010.1 arch x86_64
mandriva 2010.0 arch i586
mandriva 2010.0 arch x86_64

to the follow email address:

People which will succeed in astonishing us will enter in our group, will come supported by “natural born compilers” and will make experience with us.

In this way, with your help we will try to improve our support for Mandriva.

Naturally you will be adequately rewarded for your work as MIBber ... with thousand thankses. : -)




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