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MIB-LIVE ISOs, are the remastered isos of Mandriva One, but in a bigger edition and on DVD, with many more updated packages and speed optimizations (i686 arch) .

Our main goals are: More and updated programs, the newest ones, better graphics, and some better global performance.

Now we have two edition:
- The “prog” ed. (oriented on apps and desktop)
- The “games” ed. (oriented mainly on games)

That’s only the beginning, but other editions will arrive soon
(astronomical, educational, scientific, multimedia, ecc.)

These Live Edition are usable directly from the DVD in live mode and, if all it’s ok, you can easily install them (Gnome or KDE ed.) to your HD and after that, you can immediately update and install other packages (if you need them) without any further step, because all the repositories (both Mandriva and MIB), are already configured and ready to work.

Range: Christmas 2007 - Epiphany 2008

We released our first iso of MIB Live, in prog. and games edition, based on Mandriva 2008.0:
These received a very good feedback and so we decided to continue on that road.

Date: 2008 July 06, time 18:30

Now we have nr.2 iso images ready:

- mib-live-prog-kde-2008.1.iso
Based on Kde 3.5.9,
This is the torrent Link to download ISOs (please, enable DHT feature in your torrent program):

- mib-live-prog-gnome-2008.1.iso
Based on Gnome 2.2.0, with official kernel for mandriva 2008.1
This is the torrent Link to download ISOs (please, enable DHT feature in your torrent program):

Date: 2008 August 22, time 11:00

To celebrate First MIB Anniversary, we decided to release and publish MIB-Live Games 2008.1, but this time, for the great number of titles, there are 2 DVD, each containing many games.

– mib-live-games-2008.1-DVD-1.iso

– mib-live-games-2008.1-DVD-2.iso

Date: 2008 August 31, time 21:00

– mib-live-kde-prog-2008.1-DVD-1.iso
Link to the torrent for the download:

– mib-live-gnome-prog-2008.1-DVD-1.iso
Link to the torrent for the download:

We STRONGLY recommend to use the torrent method to download your ISOs becasue there is a better redistribution of the bandiwidth, and this allow to avoid the crash of our ftp server, due to a massive ftp download request

So, you should use the FTP server only if you have serious problems with torrent mode as with filters anti p2p, or too restrict router config, ecc.

Be smart, and a little altruist…, for the happiness of all the community.

Leave, if you can, the ISO images in SEEDER mode, when you finish to download them.

Alternative method
Direct link to FTP mirror:
http://mib.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/mib/iso target

Date: 27th January 2009

It has been released a new version of mib-live-prog DVD; it contains a lot of office software and many other programs. You can read the official announce HERE.



That’s all folks!

Greetings, from the MIB Team


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